Manchester, Connecticut

Expanded Recycling


Town of Manchester Announces Expanded Recycling - February 1, 2014

Residents in the Town of Manchester that have Town-provided curbside recycling services can now recycle a number of additional items in their blue Recycling carts, specificall Rigid Plastics and Books. These materials are in addition to adding #3 through #7 plastic containers, which was announced in May of 2010. The Town now collects all plastic food, beverage, and household containers #1 through #7, as well as all rigid plastics. Please remember, no plastic films or styrofoam of any kind, even if it has a recycling symbol/number on it.


  • clean five-gallon pails (remove metal handles, if present)
  • large plastic toys (remove any metal)
  • milk/beverage crates
  • laundry baskets
  • waste baskets/old recycling bins
  • plastic storage containers
  • Large plastic items such as toys, recycling bins, coolers, baskets, containers & buckets

  • hard-cover books (covers removed and placed in trash)
  • soft-cover books
  • telephone directories

TO BE RECYCLED PROPERLY, these additional steps are required:
  • items must fit or be sized to fit inside the blue single-stream barrel
  • covers from hard-cover books must be removed and placed in the trash
  • all metals such as bucket handles and wheel axles must be separated from plastic items

For more information, please contact Brooks Parker by email at, phone at 860-647-5279 or visit the Town’s Recycling website,