Manchester, Connecticut

Unacceptable Household Hazardous Waste

Do Not Bring / Not Accepted at the HHW Collection

Motor Oil - contact your Town Transfer Station for Disposal; many Auto Stores will accept it too.
Antifreeze - contact your Town Transfer Station for Disposal; Auto Stores may accept it too.
Large Quantities of Unknown Materials
BioMedical Wastes
Commercial Fire Extinguishers - (residential household type fire extinguishers are OK for collection)
Radioactive Wastes
Commercial Smoke Detectors - (residential household type smoke detectors are OK for collection)
Unknown Gas Cylinders
BBQ Gas Grill Cylinders (20 lb.)  - (contact your Town's Transfer Station, they likely will accept)
Industrial/Commercial Gas Cylinders of all types (welding gases, medical gases, etc)

Substances Regulated by Drug Enforcement Administration
(Manchester Police Dept. collects unwanted medications - click here)

Contact your Police Department for instructions on disposal of the following:
Gun Powder