Manchester, Connecticut

Acceptable Household Hazardous Waste

What to Bring / Accepted at the HHW Collection
Click Here for List of what to 
Not Bring

Aerosol cans Muriatic Acid
Brake Fluid No Pest Strips
Chemical Paint Strippers Paint Removers
Chemistry Kits Paint Thinners
Cleaning Fluids Pesticides
Compact Florescent Lightbulbs         Photography Chemicals
Degreasers Poisons
Fertilizers Polishes
Flammable Liquids Pool Chemicals
Flea Powder, Dips & Sprays Propane Cylinders/ Canisters (1 lb.)
Florescent Bulbs Rechargeable Batteries
Fungicides -Lithium
Gasoline -Lithium Ion
Hair Dye & Spray -Nickel Cadmium
Hearing Aid Batteries -Nickel Metal Hydroxide
Herbicides Rodent Killers
Kerosene Slug Baits
Latex Paint Stains
Lead Paint Transmission/Automotive Fluids
Oil Based Paint Wood Preservatives
Road Flares Only (no marine flares) Household smoke/CO2 detectors
  Household type Fire Extinguishers
Asbestos (ACM) & Lead Paint Chips  
Up to 60 lbs. of Asbeston
Containing Materials (ACM)*
and/or Lead Paint Chips*
*(wet, double bag)
Please contact 860-647-5279
for advance authorization for
disposing of ACM or lead paint