Manchester, Connecticut

Home Food Waste Composting

Residents of the Town of Manchester can recognize a significant decrease of household trash by choosing to compost food waste scraps at home. There are several methods of how to do home composting, as well as online resources. More information can be found in the recycling links section. The three primary methods of composting are listed below, with links to example composting containers. (Please note that these are just examples, these products are not endoresed by the Town of Manchester)

Outdoor Composting - utilizes some type of composting container to store organics wastes and allows decomposition into compost

Vermi Composting (Worms) - can take place indoors or outdoors, a special container is required

Indoor Automated Composting - requires specialized machine to store, turn and aerate organic waste and turn into compost.

How to Compost: The Basics of Home Composting

What Can Be Composted: 40+ Items to Compost or Avoid - Comprehensive Home Composting Guide courtesy of Personal Creations