Manchester, Connecticut

Electronics Recycling

The Town of Manchester hosts a permanent electronics recycling program available at no charge to all Manchester residents. This program, authorized by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's E-Waste Recycling regulations, allows residents to recycle electronics during the normal business hours of the Town's Transfer Station. The Transfer Station is currently open Monday through Saturday, from 7:15 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. The Transfer Station is located at 311 Olcott Street . Residents must check in with town staff for instructions and will be directed to the appropriate electronics recycling containers. Currently, by state law the program does not cover businesses or other organizations; it is only for the collection of residential electronics.

Manchester residents may recycle up to seven (7) covered electronic devices at one time (per state law). Residents may also recycle an unlimited amount of non-covered electronic devices. Covered electronic devices are listed below. Non-covered electronics are in the list of acceptable items.

Covered Electronic Devices (CT DEEP E-Waste Recycling Law)
Televisions - CRT and Flat Screen
Computers and Laptops
Computer Monitors

Examples of Other Electronic Devices

Click here for a list of acceptable mixed electronics for recycling that we accept.

Click here to learn about our recycling partner, Take 2 Recycling.

There are several options to recycle certain types of electionics at local retailers.
Best Buy (Manchester)
Staples (Glastonbury)
Green Monster Recycling (West Hartford)
TV Recycling Lookup Tool (Courtesy of Direct TV Deals)

For smaller consumer electronics (cell phones, laptops, digitial cameras, MP3 players, etc.) there are internet based resources that will allow you to recycle these items.  Visit for more information. For a local option based in East Hartford, CT, please visit

For additional information on Electronics Recycling or for information on Business/Commercial Electronics Recycling options, please contact us at 860-647-5279 or by email.