Manchester, Connecticut

Customer Education Tags

The Town of Manchester uses Customer Education Tags (CET) to inform residents that receive curbside collection services when there has been a violation of the curbside collection rules and regulations. The CET is a sticker and will be applied to a waste collection cart lid or other material as is practical. Information on the curbside rules and regulations are available on the residential curbside collection page.

Common questions about CET's include:

Q:  I have materials that don't qualify for curbside bulky waste collection and received a CET and a Notice of Violation; how can I dispose of them?

AClick here to review the rules for the Town's Bulky Waste Collection program. Most materials that do not qualify can 1) be hauled directly to the Town's Transfer Station and be disposed off in accordance with those guidelines, 2) delivered to a Household Hazardous Waste collection event if applicable, or, 3) a third party rubbish/clean out service can be hired to haul away the materials.

Q:  I still have questions, who can I contact?

A:  Please call 860-647-3200 and select option #1 or you can email your questions to the Town by clicking here.