Manchester, Connecticut

Curbside Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste is collected weekly for 10 months of the year, beginning on the 3rd Monday in March and finishing on Friday of the 2nd full week the following January. Yard waste must be at the curb at 6:00 a.m. on your regular collection day. If it is not out on time, collection crews will not go back to pick it up. You will have to wait until your next collection day to have the missed yard waste collected. Here is a guide for what will be collected at the curb each week on your regular collection day:

BRUSH - must be cut to four (4) feet or less in length, tied and bundled. The bundles must not weigh more than forty (40) pounds. Branches must be less than 3 inches thick. A separate truck will pick up your brush on your regular garbage collection day every week between mid-March and mid-January, as underlined in the above paragraph. LOGS greater than 3 inches in diameter, STUMPS and ROOTS are not collected at the curb. These wood items can be brought to the Landfill/Transfer Station by residents.

LEAVES, GRASS, CLIPPINGS, AND SHRUBBERY TRIMMINGS - will be collected on your regular garbage collection day every week between mid-March and mid-January, as underlined in the above paragraph. THESE ITEMS MUST BE IN PAPER BAGS, WEIGHING LESS THAN 50 LBS. A separate truck will pick up all of these paper bagged items. Paper bags are available for purchase at the Landfill Office during regular business hours.

Yard waste in plastic bags, garbage containers or cardboard boxes will NOT be collected.

CHRISTMAS TREES are considered yard waste and are collected for 10 months on the same timeframe that is underlined in the first paragraph of the Curbside Yard Waste Collection. After the end of the second week in January, trees MUST be brought to the Landfill for disposal, until collection resumes on the 3rd full week in March.

Residents are reminded that the trees are recycled into wood chips. Therefore, please remove any plastic bags, ornaments, lights or stands from your tree before you place it at the curb. These items are not recyclable and present a safety hazard to both equipment and personnel. Trees contaminated with these items will not be collected. Please help us during snowstorms by removing your tree from the side of the road. Due to the weather during this time of the year, trees often blow into the road or into a neighbor’s property creating a nuisance and a potential safety concern. During snowstorms, the trees at the side of the road often become buried and frozen into the snow, making collection of them impossible.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sanitation Division at 860-647-3200.