Manchester, Connecticut

Battery Recycling


  • Lead Acid Automotive Style Batteries:  may be disposed of as a recyclable item at the Transfer Station; proof of residency is required. These are known as SLABs (Sealed Lead Acid Batteries) and other common SLABs include from plastic rideable childs toys, computer backup batteries, boats, RVs, etc.  We accept all types of SLABs for recycling.
  • Rechargeable Batteries:  (Cell phone, Power tools, Household rechargeable, etc.) are easily recylable at the Town's Transfer Station through our partnershiip with Call 2 Recycle.
  • Regular Household Batteries:  These batteries can be disposed of in the regular trash cart.  Since 1996, federal legislation has required battery manufacturers to remove all mercury and other toxic materials. They are also acceptable at any of the Capitol Region East Operating Committee Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.  Click Here for more information on HHW Collections.